Steven Smith - Head Chef - Boat House 

Meet Steven Smith, Head Chef at The Boat House. Steven gives us an insight into his life as a chef working at The Boat House restaurant. He brings a unique mix of passion, creativity and excellence. Steven’s belief in fresh ingredients, adventurous pairings and generous flavours comes through in every dish. ​

We asked Steven 8 questions about cooking and his experienced at Cameron House. Stephen has given us insight into his life as a chef and working at our Boat House restaurant below: 

1.       What makes Cameron House cuisine unique?

The experience and culture of our teams coming together to create superb dishes.  Our menu at The Boat House is highly seasonal, and we have many favourite ingredients and dishes. 
I love working with my team and producing some great looking and tasting food. I get them involved as much as possible to help them evolve into good all round chefs.  We also have a fantastic location at The Boat House, right on the marina, it’s a fantastic place to work.

2.       What is an example of your personal style and passion?

I like to use classical techniques with a modern twist. I’m passionate about adapting our menus seasonally, and Local produce, as fresh as possible, with a large degree of culinary expertise and flair behind it; all served with passion and a few added extras.

3.       What are some of your favourite meals to create in the kitchen?

I love to create steak dishes of any kind.

4.       What is your background and how did it lead you to Cameron House?

I started my career as kitchen porter and I loved helping chefs on the day to day running of the kitchen. This was a great experience and gave me the opportunity to learn all aspects of the food offering. I love the industry and naturally progressed to Head Chef.

5.       Favourite part about living and working in the west of Scotland?

The best part is fresh Scottish seafood from the West Coast, we’re very lucky to have such a variety to choose from. I want guests to get the complete experience when they enter The Boat House – the best ingredients, the most exciting pairings at events and cooking techniques, and the quality in all aspects of the venue and service. 

6.       What’s your favourite Scottish ingredient and why?

Scallops, we always source the best tasting and finest selection of seafood from the west coast of Scotland.

7.       What’s your favourite Scottish dish and why?

Chicken Balmoral, I love the combinations of the dish.

8.       I couldn’t be the chef I am without…

My pastry knife as it helps me prepare just about every ingredient, I use on a day to day basis.