Jonny Sharp our Head of Golf and PGA professional at The Cameron Club, provides some helpful putting tips that you can do from the comfort of your own home or garden.

Putting is a part of the game that most amateurs neglect, yet after the round point to as the area of their game that let them down. Approx 40% of your strokes during a round will be using your putter, so it is important to set aside time to practice and with being at home at the moment is the perfect excuse.

All you need is your putter, golf balls, piece of carpet and 3 x 20p coins to do the following 2 drills 


Simply putt using your right hand only (left hand resting on your left thigh), same distance back and through keeping it smooth throughout, a slight release of the putter at impact is okay but try to limit it for consistency. The distance of the putt determines the length of stoke. 

The outcome is to gain a feeling of a passive right hand, a touch of release and also a feeling of smoothness and pace in your stoke, keep it slow and smooth!


Tape 3 x 20p coins (on top of each other) to the sweet spot of your putter face (usually a line on the putter to gauge the centre of the face, important)

Simply putt on your carpet hitting the middle of the coins every time, if you miss towards to the toe or heel the ball will either veer right or left? Hit it on the centre you will get a true consistent straight roll.

The outcome is understanding the sweet spot on your putter and the importance of hitting it, for a more consistent ball roll resulting in more holes putts. 

Hopefully these two simple drills will help you to lower your scores when we can all get back out on the course again.