Health and Safety Terms and conditions


When holding an event at with Cameron House we would draw your attention to the good practice and legal requirements relating to health and safety and outside suppliers for your event. As the organiser and contact for your suppliers, please ensure that each supplier receives a copy of this document and adheres to it during their time on property at Cameron House. As the client, you are responsible for ensuring that all suppliers adhere to the following requirements.


Outside and third party contractors

You must ensure that all third party contractors employed by you comply with all regulations (statutory or otherwise). You and your suppliers are also requested to observe our rules and adhere to any reasonable requests made by Hotel management. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse any external supplier, entertainment, services or activities that you may have arranged and does not accept any liability for the acts or omissions of any party employed by you in connection with the Event.



If you need a specific licence for the event, provided you give us adequate notice and information, we will apply for any additional licences, consents and permits that you need. If there is a significant cost related to the application, we may ask you to contribute to this cost.  If for an unforeseen reason we are unsuccessful in your application and you cancel or postpone the Event the Cameron House standard terms and conditions will apply.


You will comply with the terms of all licences and other recommendations and decisions by any authority, and ensure that all persons employed by you also comply with the same.



Unless specific security arrangements are made with us, we accept no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to your property or your delegates/guests or any third parties employed by you beyond that provided for in the Hotel Proprietors' Act 1956. Please be aware that some Event rooms cannot be locked so please advise your delegates/guests not to leave valuables e.g. mobiles and lap tops unattended. With sufficient notice, security can be arranged by us, and this may incur an additional charge.


Fire, Health and Safety

You must ensure that you, your delegates, guests and all third parties employed by you comply at all times with all fire, electrical, health and safety regulations (statutory or otherwise) including (but not limited to) the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and any amendments to this Act.  Any materials brought into the Hotel (e.g. stage sets) must be made of non-flammable materials, fire exits must be kept clear at all times and fire exit signs must not be obscured. If the latter is completely unavoidable then adequate temporary signs must be agreed with the hotel and erected.


It your responsibility to ensure all electrical contractors are NICEIC, EEA or IEE registered and that all portable electrical appliances are suitably tested and plugged into an RCD.


We reserve the right to evacuate the Hotel in the event of a fire alarm or other emergency, irrespective of whether it is a genuine emergency or not.  This is in order to protect all guests and staff and we do not accept any liability for any subsequent delay to the Event.


You must have written approval from us and the relevant public authority (if necessary) if you or your supplier wishes to fix items to the walls, floors, ceilings, to use smoke machines/lasers/fireworks/cracked oil/dry ice or any pyrotechnic.  Fire hazards will not be permitted in the Hotel.


Food and Beverage

Requests by you to provide your own food and beverage must be discussed direct with us, and subject to the nature of the request may incur an additional charge.


If you are planning to employ an outside caterer for your food and beverage requirements, the caterers must be approved by the local environmental health department and written evidence of this must be provided to us. If not on the hotel approved list, you must contact the local environmental health department for their approval. You will need to provide them with the full name and address of the catering business. They will then check that the caterers are registered locally and have good standards of food hygiene. They should be consulted about whether the caterers are equipped to transport food to the Hotel safely. Written approval must be given to us from the EHOs before continuing. We will also provide you with a list of specific requirements that the caterer must adhere to whilst on site. We will also require a copy of the caterer’s current certificate of insurance showing

£10m Employers Liability Insurance and a minimum of £5m Public & Products Liability Insurance.


Motor Vehicles

If you are bringing a motor vehicle into the hotel for display or use, you must ensure that before being brought into the Hotel the vehicle does not contain any fuel, the battery has been removed/disconnected, the vehicle is clean, an oil drip tray is used and the access and exit times of the vehicle have been specified or agreed with us and are strictly complied with. We reserve the right to refuse access to any vehicle for failure to comply with these requirements or any other reasonable requests made by us.