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Loch Lomond Kayaking – Explore the beauty of the Scotland’s first national park

How to book?

We can guarantee that our kayak experience will leave you wanting more, so get your paddles at the ready and life jackets on because you won’t want to miss out on this unrivaled experience.

To book or find out more please call 01389 312210 or email

There’s nothing quite like an adventure at Cameron House. With basecamp right on the edge of Loch Lomond it offers its services to a host of unrivaled experiences for all to enjoy. It goes without saying that everyone is different and can find pleasure in a number of activities, whether it be a thrilling boat ride or a peaceful fishing trip, while on the water there is plenty for visitors to do at Cameron House.

Our Kayaking experience at loch Lomond offers visitors with the perfect mix of sightseeing and adventure. Exploring the beautiful Scottish national park on the water itself offers a whole new perspective of the landscape. Creating a one of a kind activity that people all over the world can come and experience.

So, why not pick up a paddle and come and join us on the water with your very own kayak. Gliding through the world-famous Loch, dipping your hands in the refreshing (or as some would say, cold) water, looking out for some local wildlife and waving to the cruise goers on their way past. This experience is truly one of a kind.


Where do you go while kayaking on loch Lomond?

With Cameron House being situated right on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond this kayak hire experience is has a whole loch to explore. Only a 50-minute drive from Glasgow, this activity will take you from being surrounded by a concrete jungle to a stunning highland haven. Starting your adventure by launching your kayaks near the Cameron House estate, you’ll soon find yourself with your captains’ hat on navigating your way through the many inlets and islands found throughout the loch. Exploring the surrounding scenery of The Trossachs, Scotland’s first national park, is the best way to experience your new favorite hobby.


Why explore loch Lomond on a Kayak?

Kayaking is perhaps the best mix between fun adventure and relaxing sightseeing. Being the largest lake by surface area in Scotland, this staple of the Trossachs National Park is host to around 22 islands and 27 islets ready to be explored. There is a discovery waiting to be found behind every corner, whether it be stunning landscapes, intriguing wildlife, or fellow kayakers, there is so much to see.

Along with the discoveries, there really is nothing quite like gliding through the water of this Scottish treasure. Watching the way your kayak moves through the water, combined with the rhythmic movement of paddling can create an extremely peaceful atmosphere that it would be difficult to replicate anywhere else. Well at least not with the same scenery we have here.


Does Cameron House recommend kayaking for beginners?

We believe everybody has the making of an adventurer within them somewhere, so that is why we offer our kayaking hire to all our visitors. No matter what your kayaking experience is, if you’re a white-water champion or a complete kayaking novice this experience is for you. For those who are less experienced, fear not, we have some of the best and most friendly experienced kayak instructors there is. Beginners will learn basic water safety instructions and kayaking techniques to ensure they have a safe and unforgettable experience.


What Kayaking equipment should I bring?

At Cameron House, our kayaking experience on Loch Lomond comes with full hire of all necessary kayaking equipment such as; the kayak, paddle and life jacket. Depending on your own needs and preferences there is other kayaking gear that some visitors choose to bring themselves including; wetsuits, kayaking gloves and water proof clothing. However, these extra pieces aren’t required to have an enjoyable experience, and sometimes if the weather permits shorts and a t shirt is a more fitting option.


Not into Kayaking?

We know that getting wet isn’t for everyone, so don’t worry if you don’t fancy kayaking through Loch Lomond, we have a lot more thrilling activities that might feed your hunger for adventure in a different way. Check out the other activities we offer here.

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