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Gender Pay Gap Report


Cameron House strives to create a transparent and inclusive culture which recognises diversity not just with regards to gender, but that everyone regardless of their race, religion or background and has equal opportunity to thrive. Read the full gender pay gap here.

Cameron House is committed to gender diversity and strives to develop, train and grow all employees in their chosen career paths. We commit to continue to attract women to our business through continually reviewing our benefits and packages and continue to give equal access to development opportunities to all.


As of the 5th April 2022 our mean gender pay gap stood at 10.6% favouring males, with our median gender pay standing at 0.3% We recognise that the mean hourly pay difference has been significantly skewed by a small number of males in the most senior roles within the business.

We are proud that a significant number of senior management roles are occupied by women although there is room for improvement. We are continually reviewing practices to ensure our hiring procedures and career development opportunities support and reflect our commitment to equality and diversity and to ensure women occupy more of the highest paid roles and less of the lowest paid roles.


Full Pay Employees

Male hourly rate £12.69

Female hourly rate £11.34

Pay Gap 10.6%


Full Pay Employees

Male Hourly Rate 9.87

Female Hourly Rate 9.90

Pay Gap 0.3%

We are fully committed to ensuring that the approach to pay remains gender indifferent. Employees who received bonus pay:

Proportion of Males Proportion of Females

11% 8.2%

Pay Quartiles

Proportion of Males and Females in each pay quartile

57% Male 35% Male 53% Male 41% Male

43% Female 65% Female 47% Female 59% Female

Lower Quartile | Lower Middle Quartile | Upper Middle Quartile | Upper Quartile

Flexible Working

Cameron House operates a flexible working policy and recognises the requirement for flexible working options and work-life balance to support the reduction in our gender pay gap. The business continues to see a great number of requests approved and supported ensuring a positive impact for employees and those returning from maternity at all levels within the business. The introduction of a greater degree of homeworking has also allowed further flexibility and retention of both male and female employees.

Remuneration & Incentive Policy

We have a consistent approach to remuneration aimed at ensuring all employees are paid fairly based on hotel performance and market conditions. The business commits monthly to reviewing all promotions and salary increases for fairness and consistency via a senior Manager and Human Resources approval.

Promotion & Progression

The company is committed to promoting from within and has numerous examples of internal moves across the resort showing a strength in progressing employees through our recognised career paths. The company provides nationally recognised management qualifications supporting the development of team members up to Heads of Department and Senior Management roles.



We understand the reasons as to why we see a gender pay gap within our organisation and are committed to managing this as we try to move towards a more gender balanced workforce. Our people policies and practices are continually reviewed to help us identify areas of our organisation where we can drive improvement.