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Environmental Policy

Green Statement

Here at Cameron House, we are fortunate enough to be situated in one of the most beautiful National Parks Scotland has to offer, right on the banks of iconic Loch Lomond. It’s an area rich in heritage and incredible natural beauty that deserves to be preserved.

We acknowledge that every business has an environmental impact, which we have a responsibility to reduce. By adopting and promoting sustainable practices, we can all protect our natural environment for generations to come.

Our Path Towards Sustainable Business
  • We’ve invested in a new fleet of electric concierge vehicles, and have installed 10 electric charging stations throughout the resort for our guests to use.
  • Our menus and produce are locally sourced, where possible, to reduce food miles, carbon emissions, and to support our local economy. We create seasonal delights with the wild food we have growing here on our resort.
  • We utilise sustainable suppliers to further reduce our waste and carbon emissions. E.g., WWF eco coffee capsules.
  • We’ve introduced LED lighting and proximity lighting in certain areas to reduce our energy usage.
  • We have and are continuing to increase and promote local biodiversity by:
    • Introducing protected beehives onsite from The Bee Society, the local beekeeping community.
    • Actively participating in red squirrel conservation, which is resulting in an increase in the number of red squirrels on our resort.
    • Installing bird, bat and owl boxes and roosts resort wide including heated bat roosts.
    • Establishing wildflower meadows and nature sanctuaries through projects such as ‘The Untidy Garden’ and ‘The Enchanted Wood’.
    • Prohibiting use of insecticides across the estate.
    • As part of our woodland management responsibilities, we plant three trees for every one lost.
  • We are reducing our landfill waste by recycling mixed plastic and cardboard and using shampoo and soap dispensers in our standard rooms, and are always looking at new ways to reduce the waste we create.
  • We employ an interdepartmental Green Team dedicated to monitoring our green credentials and helping drive green initiatives resort wide.
  • Climate Change is at the forefront of our minds and so we have incorporated an environmental section into our “Clan Welcome” for our new employees. We also offer training in understanding environmental sustainability.


Our Future Commitments

We recognise that the journey to being a truly sustainable business is a long one. To continue our shared success, we need to constantly monitor, review, and reassess our practices in view of more sustainable alternatives. Being a more sustainable and socially responsible business is our end goal.

  • Further reductions in our carbon emissions across scopes 1, 2, and 3.
  • Reducing our total energy consumption by 5% resort wide through our Energy Action Plan.
  • Reductions in our waste and minimising landfill by responsible sourcing and by expanding our current recycling capabilities.
  • Removing all single use plastics and glass from bedrooms, M&E operations, leisure, and spa by the end of 2023.
  • Introducing a food recycle scheme on resort.
  • Continuing support of our local wildlife and biodiversity by developing new and enhancing current environmental initiatives.
  • Engaging with stakeholders and the local community to encourage more sustainable practices, promote environmental awareness, and support environmental initiatives.
  • Continued relationship development with local and national charities to support their fundraising.
  • Donation of Experiences on Resort/Support of Local Charity via Room & F&B experiences.
  • Voluntary employee giveback/time with charities.