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Cameron House

Green Statement

Environmental and Recycling Policy

Cameron House resort is located within the Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park environment. We acknowledge the need to protect and preserve the environment and are committed to operating in a manner that is consistent with sustainable activities. We are committed to minimising environmental impact from our operations and activities and will endeavour to ensure procedures are implemented to support this.

We are committed to this by implementing the following:

· Recognise that the minimum acceptable level of environmental performance, that is laid down by legislation.

· Endeavour to integrate and achieve at the least, and where practicable, exceed requirements required of relevant legislation.

· Acknowledge a responsibility and commitment to the protection of the environment at all levels.

· Promote general awareness of the environment and recycling policy to all staff and resort users, and provide environmental training to appropriate staff.

· Maintain and develop the resort landscape and buildings in a sympathetic and sustainable manner with polices and guidelines of local, regional and national environmental agencies.

· Implement sustainable waste management strategies to reduce waste and promote the recycling of waste.

· Provide facilities for recycling of waste on the resort and promote their use.

· Endeavour to reuse and recycle materials, where practicable, or ensure that the correct disposal arrangements are implemented.

· Optimise the consumption of energy and fuels used in sustaining the resort through efficiencies, practices and environmentally responsible procurement.

· Adopt the Scottish Government’s advice to: Zero Waste Scotland.

· Build in efficiencies to our support services’ working environment with the overall aim of reducing our carbon footprint.