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Dog Friendly Loch Lomond: 8 Best Activities & Things To Do

Travelling is one of life’s finest pleasures, but it can come with one downside: pet restrictions. When you can’t travel with your pet, your holiday might lack the fun and excitement you’re looking for. However, all hope is not lost – options are available for you to experience the beauties of the world with your dog by your side.

No matter where you’re from, places like Loch Lomond can offer you and your pet many pet-friendly activities and adventures. Because it is incredibly dog-friendly, Loch Lomond and local hotels like Cameron House Hotel are the perfect places to visit when you don’t want to leave your pet behind.

While Loch Lomond is undoubtedly stunning, a closer look reveals many dog-friendly activities. This article will cover everything you need about dog-friendly activities in Loch Lomond, from walks to boat trips. Let’s get started!


Loch Lomond Walks With Dogs

If you’re looking for a destination to take dog-friendly walks, Loch Lomond is right up your alley. With several walking spots, you and your dog will have a blast exploring the beauty and rich history of Loch Lomond. Walks with dogs are always exciting when you take one of the following paths.

Doon Hill Walking Route

One of the most vibrant spots to explore with your dog is the charming and enchanting Doon Hill, a circular walk that takes about two hours to complete. Doon Hill has a rich mythology and is considered the home of the fairies in Scotland.

This waymarked trail contains one uphill section and is relatively easy to walk, especially if you’re an avid walker or hiker already. With stunning views and flourishing nature, Doon Hill is a breathtaking and cherishable experience and the perfect place to make memories with your dog.

a family standing around their black dog in the middle of the woods

Balloch Castle Country Park

Right on the southern tip of Loch Lomond, this country park is the perfect place to visit, not only to view a historical landmark but to take advantage of the stunning walking grounds. Balloch Castle Country Park spans 200 acres with breathtaking views, walled gardens, guided walks, and nature trails for you and your dog to embark on a new adventure.


Conic Hill

With stunning views overseeing Loch Lomond, Conic Hill is a short but sweet hike for you and your dog to explore the beautiful sights that Loch Lomond offers. Conic Hill is a relatively popular and simple hike, perfect for a quick day trip for fresh air. The trail goes uphill until reaching a kissing gate, where the path gets steeper. Though it’s easy to navigate, Conic Hill will give you good exercise because of the incline, making it a fun and invigorating journey to view Loch Lomond from above.

Loch Lomond Boat Trips

If you’re not too interested in hiking or long walks, there are plenty of other activities you can explore with your dog when you visit Loch Lomond. When in doubt, turn to Loch Lomond boat trips. Dog-friendly boat trips in Loch Lomond offer visitors and locals the opportunity to see another side of Loch Lomond.

Cruise Loch Lomond

Exploring new and unfamiliar places with boat tours can give you an entirely new understanding of the place you’re visiting. Consider a circular cruise trip with Cruise Loch Lomond for you and your dog.

This service allows you to bring a well-behaved dog on board for the tour free of charge as long as your dog is controlled for the cruise. As long as you can keep your dog calm and close by, a tour with Cruise Loch Lomond is the perfect way to relax with your dog while still experiencing Scotland.

a boat being towed by a larger boat on the water with some trees in the back

Sweeney’s Cruise Co.

Another option if you’re looking to take an hour or two out of your day for a calming boat tour is Sweeney’s Cruise Co. in Loch Lomond. Sweeney’s Cruise Co. allows well-behaved dogs to join the tour with no additional fee, so you can enjoy your day with your dog without worrying about breaking the bank.

Loch Lomond Things To Do With Dogs

Of course, exploring Loch Lomond by hiking or by boat isn’t the only way to enjoy your experience with your dog. The possibilities are endless in Loch Lomond; things to do with dogs range from cute cafes and pubs to fully dog-friendly accommodations like Cameron House Hotel. Here are some other favourite options for enjoying Loch Lomond with your dog.

Visit Dog-Friendly Cafes And Pubs

If you want to go out but aren’t sure where to bring your dog, look no further than the dog-friendly cafes and pubs in Loch Lomond. In these establishments, you and your pet can sit back and relax outdoors while you enjoy a quick bite. Some dog-friendly spots you should check out when you visit Loch Lomond include:

  • The Dug Cafe, complete with a menu for your dog
  • Falls of Dochart Inn, where dogs are welcome in the bar area
  • Coach House Coffee Shop and Store, perfect for getting a hot beverage in a cosy environment


Go For A Swim

If your dog is all about the water, consider going for a swim for a refreshing afternoon dip. Take the opportunity to have fun with open water wild swimming or play fetch with your dog on the beach. When you combine swimming and water activities with bonding time for you and your dog, you’re certain to have a good time.


Stay In Dog-Friendly Accommodation

When you’re ready to book your trip to Loch Lomond, you might stress over finding dog-friendly accommodations to suit your needs. Luckily, Loch Lomond boasts some of the best hotels and services to accommodate visitors who bring their dogs for the ride. Dog-friendly accommodations like Cameron House Hotel ensure your stay is comfortable and convenient.


Find Dog-Friendly Accommodations At Cameron House Hotel

If you’re seeking a luxury hotel to stay at when you visit Loch Lomond with your dog, Cameron House Hotel is the best place to accommodate your needs. Cameron House Hotel offers stunning rooms and breathtaking views to experience everything Loch Lomond offers.

Check out the services and accommodations for dog owners with Cameron House Hotel, or book your stay today to plan the trip of your dreams.

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