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Three Best Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

The main objective when you are new to the game is that you enjoy it. Therefore, I generally don’t start with the traditional way of introducing beginners to the game. Many golfers will start with ‘how to hold the club’, this can be very uncomfortable and switch people off from the start. Personally, I like to get golfers striking the ball first and then worry about the grip once they have built up confidence. The Carrick golf course is the perfect place to pick up a set of clubs and start your golfing adventure. Beginners may also want to practice their swing on The Wee Demon golf course before heading to the Cameron Club and Spa resort that is home to our Championship golf course. No matter if you pick up a set of clubs on our challenging 9 hole golf course or our 18 hole championship course, you’ll fall in love with the game of golf. And if you’re just starting out in the world of golf and need some basic swing tips and techniques, then look no further. Our PGA Professional, Robbie King, has outlined his top 3 golf swing tips in order to help you perfect your beginners swing.


Golf Iron Shot

Step 1 - Ball position

The first aspect of the game to master is contacting the ground in the same spot. Therefore, having a consistent ball position is very important. One of the biggest fault's beginners make is that the ball position changes each shot. The ball position can influence club path, angle of attack and clubface alignment. Therefore, can contribute to the height, starting direction and curvature on the ball.

Exercise – Start with your feet together (ball in the middle of the feet). Then take an equal size step left and right.

Golfer in Loch Lomond

Step 2 – Posture

Our posture and more so, our balance at set up is vital. I find the general shape of a golf swing can change when balance points are changed. The most common fault I see is golfers that stand too upright, too close to the ball and then bend a lot at the knees.


  1. Get into your own set up position (with a ball in place).
  2. Stand up straight (No bend in the legs, or at the hips. Stand as tall as you can).
  3. Hold the club out in front of you with relaxed arms.
  4. Bend forward from the hips only until your club is touching the ground. if the club isn't behind the ball, shift yourself forwards or backwards until the club is behind the ball (don't just shift your weight forward or back... move your feet!).
  5. Then, all we are trying to do is make sure the knees aren't locked straight. We need a light flex NOT a bend in the knees. 
Golf Tee Off

Step 3 – Swing the club on an arc

If you can learn to swing the club on an arc around the body, you will ‘hit the ground running’. Too many golfers think the club should swing straight back and straight through (think croquet). The way the golf club is designed, we stand off to the side and the club set on an incline. Therefore, we should swing the club around the body.

Exercise – Start with short shots, swinging the club on an arc around the body.

If this has peaked your interest, then we have the perfect opportunity for you, as Cameron House offers a variety of golf lessons, classes and golf experience days beneficial for all levels of golfers, from complete beginners to those with an impressive handicap. Our highly qualified PGA professionals are ready to share their expert knowledge with you through either 1-1 sessions or group lessons. Please visit our Golf lessons page for more information on our weekly golf lessons and classes, and the appropriate prices.