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Minimoons In Loch Lomond At Cameron House Resort

Over the past three decades, weddings have embarked on quite a transformative journey. Increasingly, couples are veering off the beaten path of traditional matrimonial customs, eagerly embracing the opportunity to sculpt their wedding day in a manner that truly reflects their unique bond. With this change, comes the chance to plan a minimoon, in lieu of or as well as, a traditional honeymoon. And what better place to start your next chapter as a married couple than the bonnie banks?

Loch Lomond’s landscape is a breathtaking masterpiece of nature’s finest work. The loch stretches out with an air of majestic tranquillity, its shimmering waters reflecting the surrounding hills and mountains like a mirror. The rugged peaks and lush forests that embrace its shores create a captivating frame as if painted by an artist’s brush. The beauty of Loch Lomond lies not only in its grandeur but in its intricate details — the delicate wildflowers that carpet the meadows, the play of sunlight on the water’s surface, and the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze. It’s a place where the serenity of the countryside merges seamlessly with the awe-inspiring presence of the Scottish Highlands, resulting in a landscape that truly captures the heart and soul of anyone fortunate enough to behold it.

Explore every inch of Loch Lomond on your minimoon at Cameron House. Our award-winning resort offers the chance to unwind, explore and enjoy every moment of your minimoon together. From the Cameron Spa, our resort golf courses, our host of resort restaurants and bars, and a plethora of activities to keep your days busy, we have something for every couple to enjoy.

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Your Luxury Minimoon In Scotland

A Loch Lomond minimoon is like stepping into a fairytale retreat. Nestled in the heart of Scotland, this enchanting destination offers couples a dreamy escape that’s big on charm and intimacy. Imagine strolling hand-in-hand along the loch’s serene shores, the water reflecting the surrounding lush hills and ancient forests.

Cosy rooms and luxury suites provide a snug haven. Whether you’re cruising the tranquil waters, discovering hidden trails, or savouring romantic meals with a view, Loch Lomond’s minimoons paint a picture of togetherness against a backdrop of stunning landscapes, creating unforgettable moments for love to flourish at Cameron House.

As an AA award five-star resort, we have everything you need for an unforgettable stay. Nestled in the 400 acres of stunning landscapes, with the loch gently lapping onto our shores, unwind and spend quality time together in the countryside as you bask in the romantic atmosphere of our resort.

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The Award Winning Cameron Spa

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation at the Cameron Spa located just 3 miles north of the hotel. This luxurious haven offers a serene escape from the world, where tranquillity meets sophistication. Immerse yourself in a world of wellbeing as you step into the spa’s soothing ambience, surrounded by panoramic views of the loch and the stunning Scottish landscape.

At the Cameron Spa, every detail is meticulously designed to pamper your senses. Unwind in the elegant relaxation lounges, where soft lighting and plush furnishings create an oasis of calm. The spa features a range of exceptional treatments that cater to your every need, from revitalising facials to tension-relieving massages, all administered by skilled therapists dedicated to ensuring your utmost comfort.

The spa’s facilities are equally impressive, featuring a thermal experience designed to invigorate and soothe. Immerse yourself in the hydrotherapy pool or saunas, taking advantage of the benefits of heat and water therapy.

The Cameron Spa also offers a range of wellness experiences to promote your overall health. From yoga and fitness classes to personal training sessions, you can tailor your visit to meet your wellness goals. Afterwards, replenish your energy with delectable, wholesome dishes at the spa’s café, which offers a variety of nourishing options.

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Championship Golf Course In Loch Lomond

Elevate your golfing experience to new heights at the Carrick Golf Course. Designed by the renowned golf course architect Doug Carrick, this championship course seamlessly weaves through the stunning Scottish landscape, offering not only a challenging game but also breathtaking vistas that will forever be etched in your memory.

The Carrick features a selection of tees to accommodate various skill levels, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all players. Whether you’re aiming for that perfect drive or mastering your short game on the immaculate greens, the course’s layout caters to different playing styles while preserving the natural beauty of the landscape.

After a rewarding round of golf, the Cameron Clubhouse awaits with warm hospitality and stunning Loch Lomond views. Relax with fellow golfers, recounting your triumphs and near misses over refreshing drinks and delicious meals. The pro shop offers an array of golfing apparel and equipment, so you can gear up for future rounds or find the perfect souvenir to remember your unforgettable day.

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast seeking an exceptional challenge or someone new to the game, the Carrick Golf Course promises an unparalleled experience that seamlessly marries sport, nature, and luxury. So, tee off amidst the grandeur of Loch Lomond and revel in a golfing journey that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your golfing adventures.

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Luxury Rooms And Suites

A romantic minimoon stay at Cameron House is more than a mere escape; it’s a celebration of your love story. Amidst the beauty of Loch Lomond, every element comes together to create a tapestry of intimacy, leaving you with cherished memories and a promise of a future filled with shared adventures and lasting affection.

Lavish suites, equipped with everything you would expect from a five-star resort make the perfect place to start your next chapter together. With magnificent views of the loch as it sparkles under the sun, watch the stars twinkle to life above you as you walk, hand-in-hand, into your new lives.

Learn more about our rooms and suites here, and start the planning of your luxury minimoon in Loch Lomond at Cameron House.

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