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What to Wear in Scotland: A Guide For All For All Seasons

Scotland is a beautiful land with miles upon miles of sprawling countryside, world-renowned peaks, and sparkling lochs with waters that will leave you breathless. As beautiful as this country is, the weather, famously, can be unpredictable.

Stereotypically, Scotland has temperamental weather, to say the least – in one day, you may see sun, rain, sleet and snow as well as whipping winds that will redden your nose and the tips of your ears. For more info on the weather in Loch Lomond, check out our blog post here.

Despite the weather, Scotland also has stunning spring and summer days that stretch on well into the evening, giving you plenty of time to conquer a Munro or spend a day on the shores of Loch Lomond, snapping pictures, island hopping or sharing a delightful picnic in Trossachs National Park. Even when the seasons change and autumn and winter unfurl across the lands, there is still plenty to fill your days in Loch Lomond. Read our blog post on things to do in Loch Lomond in the rain to start the planning of your unforgettable trip to Loch Lomond with Cameron Lodges, in any season.

Year Round Essential for Visiting Scotland

With the often spontaneous rain and varied terrain of Scotland, there are a few ways you can help prepare yourself for any type of weather or situation that comes your way. In Scotland, the skies can go from blue to grey in a heartbeat, so we’ve outlined the essentials to always carry with you when you venture out to explore the picturesque country of Scotland.

An Umbrella: Perhaps the most vital item on the list, most Scottish folk will carry an umbrella in their bag wherever they go. In the autumn and winter, umbrellas are a must if you wish to keep the often freezing rain off your clothes and continue enjoying your day out in Loch Lomond.

Waterproof Jacket: In any season, a waterproof jacket is essential for keeping dry. For those who do not wish to carry an umbrella, or hope to enjoy some hiking or mountain climbing that Scotland is so famous for, carrying a poncho or light waterproof jacket in your bag will keep you prepared, no matter what Scotland’s weather throws at you.

Hiking Boots: Keep your feet dry and warm in any season while you explore every secret waterfall and discover wildlife in Scotland. Comfortable hiking boots, properly broken in and tied correctly are a must for any budding hikers or seasoned mountaineer. Check out our blog posts on wildlife in Loch Lomond and all the beautiful waterfalls you can visit in the area for some inspiration for your trip.

Extra Layers: On your day of exploring the many sights and views of Scotland, you may come across a burn that needs to be crossed or a particularly muddy patch of grass in the forests. In these cases, you’ll want an extra pair of thick socks to change into should disaster strike and you slip into the cold waters of a burn or lose a shoe in the mud. Further to this, you should be ready for any weather or temperature change so make sure to pack an extra jumper, a hat or some gloves should the weather decide to treat you to an unexpected change and catch you unawares.

A lake with snowy mountains in the background

What to Wear in Spring in Scotland

Spring in Scotland is a wonderful time where you can roam the lands and witness the joy of spring pop to life in little pockets of emerald. Even with the warmer weather starting to bleed into the days, winter still clings on in springtime in Scotland. We’ve listed our go-to items to help you enjoy your days in Scotland in April, May and June.

Windbreaker: Due to eastward moving Atlantic depressions that bring strong winds and clouds continuously throughout the year, Scotland is a very windy place. Whether you’re in the east, west, north or south of the country, you’ll need a windbreaker to chase off the bashing of the whipping winds throughout the year – so don’t forget to add a windbreaker to your travel packing list.

Jumpers: When greeted by a chilly day in the spring, a jumper is often needed to provide that extra layer of protection against the cold. If the day brightens up, you can always tug it off and tie it around your waist.

Jeans: Although it may sound strange to say you need jeans for your hike or stroll through Scotland’s terrain, jeans are often thick and will help keep out the cold as well as protecting your legs from nettles and thorns if you’re out and about. Check out our blog post on walking trails near Cameron Lodges if you’re interested in discovering the area on foot.

A baby lamb laying in the grass

What to Wear in Summer in Scotland

Summers in Scotland are as fleeting as they are delightful! Often shorter than other countries, summers in Scotland offer the chance to unlock every secret of Loch Lomond. As the common theme for all seasons, don’t forget an umbrella, even if the weather report promises to stay dry!

Sunhat: Keep the sun off your face and avoid a burnt nose with a sunhat. Go for practical or stylish, whatever you choose a sun hat will help with keeping your skin healthy and protected. Although, often cloudy, on sunny days, the Scottish sun can be very strong, so best to be prepared!

Sunglasses: Keep from squinting as you admire the view from a Munro or soak up the summer from the lapping shores of Loch Lomond with a pair of sunglasses. If you do plan on heading up one of Scotland’s famous peaks, be that Ben Lomond or the Cobbler, make sure you pack some sunnies as having your sight impaired can be very dangerous at such great heights!

Short-Sleeve Shirts: Summer in Scotland can be very pleasant with the sun splitting the clear blue skies on most days so, if you’re visiting in the summer, you can leave your layers at home and enjoy a day in a t-shirt or even shorts if you fancy some colour on your legs!

Swimsuit: Wild swimming has become a popular activity in Scotland with many taking the plunge into the lochs and rivers around the Highlands and Loch Lomond. The activity can be very beneficial to circulation and also provides the chance to create long-lasting memories of your trip. So, if you’re feeling brave enough, slip into your swimsuit and take a dive into Scottish waters – and hope the water is warm!

A Scottish castle on a cliff

What to Wear in Scotland in Autumn

With the red and gold that sweep across the sprawling countryside of Scotland mark the end of Scottish summer as the cold weather starts to settle in. If you’re visiting during this time, be prepared for a healthy dose of rainfall and plenty of cloudy days. Despite this, there is also lots of beauty to be found in Scotland during autumn so read on for our tips on what to wear in Scotland in September, October and November.

Hoodies and Jumpers: A great alternative to digging out your winter jackets, wearing a hoodie or jumper under your coat is a fantastic way to ward off any chill while you enjoy a stroll through the many wild walks, crunching fallen leaves underfoot as you go.

Lightweight Jackets: Again, you will definitely encounter some rain on your autumn trip to Scotland so make sure to pack your waterproof jacket if you’d rather not carry an umbrella. Make sure you’ve got plenty of room to layer up underneath with hoodies and jumpers if the days become too cold.

Flannels: Stylish as well as functional, flannels are a great way to ward off any chill in the air in autumn and, paired with jeans, can be a good look if you plan on popping into any local eateries on your Scotland adventures for a spot of lunch or dinner.

A steam train crossing a large bridge

What to Wear in Scotland in Winter

Winters can often be very cold in Scotland and snow-capped peaks can be viewed in any direction as the country transforms into a winter wonderland, just begging to be explored. If you plan on venturing out to enjoy wintertime, make sure to wrap up warm – you’ll need it!

Hats & Scarves: Sometimes warm jackets and socks just aren’t enough to keep you warm – especially in Scotland. Venture outside clad in cosy hats and thick scarves to feel extra snug as the wind barrels around the countryside.

Warm Socks: An essential for winter in Scotland, warm socks should be top of your packing list to ensure you don’t get icy-cold feet when you are out exploring the landscapes in the colder months.

Fleeces: Similar to autumn, layering is key for staying warm in Scotland during the wintertime and there’s nothing better than fleeces. The thick material provides a nice barrier against the often bone-chilling winds and will keep you cosy in any weather!

Snow capped mountains

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