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Green Tourism Award

At Cameron House, we’re blessed to work where we do. So we’re committed to protecting our natural environment in every way we can. This includes employing a dedicated Resort Conservation Manager and appointing Green Committee representatives from each department.

We have a shared responsibility to look after our planet and we rigorously apply this philosophy – from disposing of our rubbish correctly to picking up litter to recycling to saving energy. For our resort conservation team, it also means encouraging local wildlife, increasing feeding opportunities, and protecting their natural environments.

We currently hold a ‘Silver’ award from Green Tourism and are working hard to achieve the coveted Gold award. Below are some of our initiatives that are helping us become a more sustainable business. This includes managing pollution on our golf courses to supporting the resort conservation team to improve natural habitats of the creatures we share the resort with.

Read Our Green Statement here



At Cameron House on Loch Lomond we are passionate about conservation and run a series of conservation initiatives at the resort. In the Estate Ranger brochure, you can find out about the rich biodiversity we have, where to spot some local wildlife, and information on educational initiatives such as The Enchanted Wood.
Below, we’ve highlighted some other initiatives to improve our rich natural heritage.


Worryingly, bees are in decline worldwide. And we’re doing all we can to improve life for bees and butterflies across the resort. We don’t use insecticides, leave room for grasses and wild flowers to grow, and have various hives on our 400 acres, run by the Helensburgh and District Beekeepers Association. If you do come across the hives, please keep your distance.

The primary motivation behind The Bee Garden, near the bridge on The Carrick, was the UK’s declining bee population. The garden contains lots of bee-friendly plants that flower between March and September when you’ll see lots of bees, insects and butterflies. To create your own bee-friendly garden, Green Tourism has a list of top 10 bee-friendly gardening tips for beginners.


We have various bat species living on the resort, including Daubenton’s and Soprano Pipistrelle bats, and our conservation team makes sure they’re well looked after. The Carrick provides the ideal habitat for bats and we have 14 bat boxes carefully located around The Cameron Club and Spa resort.



Once an overgrown area of woodland between the Carrick’s 17th tee and 18th green, The Enchanted Wood is now a beautiful wildlife haven. There you can find a figure of eight path for all ages to enjoy, benches, a herb garden, a den for children’s play, fairy doors, a hobbit house, a mini-beast motel, and two ponds.



Promoting sustainable activities to visitors is an essential part of our Green Tourism Silver award. Here’s what we’re doing to promote more sustainable activities:

Bike Hire
Our resort is lucky enough to be located along the National Cycle Route 7, and we’ve recently invested in adult and child mountain bikes to hire. We encourage you to get outdoors and explore the local area in a sustainable way.

Segway Safari
Our guided Segway Safari is an eco-friendly way to explore our resort. As a zero-emissions way to get around, Segways help reduce pollution and tackle climate change. Segway tours are also a great way to get your friends and family together to enjoy the great outdoors.

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