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What Is The Best Season To Have A Wedding?

Selecting the perfect seasonal wedding for you will shape the spirit of your special day. Each season offers its own special charm, whether it’s a magical snow-kissed winter wedding, a divine blossoming spring wedding, a sun-kissed summer delight, or a cosy golden autumn wedding. The best month to get married depends on the atmosphere you envision for your day, as well as your personal preferences. Exploring the characteristics and qualities of each season and its months will help you choose the perfect date for your wedding. In this guide, we will uncover more details about each season to help you plan your perfect seasonal wedding.

Winter Weddings

A less common seasonal wedding choice, it’s not one to overlook. With captivating wintery landscapes, twinkling lights and beds of snow, it’s a beautiful unique backdrop for the ideal intimate wedding.

Winter weddings hold many benefits when compared to other seasons. The winter wonderland setting will make your special day feel even more magical. The time of year typically will have greater availability and costs can be lower, so your budget can be devoted to other occasions or focused on other areas of your wedding. With winter weddings being closer to the festive season, there’s also the opportunity to include festive catering options, giving you and your guests more variety, and leaving them full and satisfied.

Cameron House is the ultimate winter wedding venue in Scotland. With snow-capped mountains and the glistening waters of Loch Lomond as your backdrop, and warm, snug interiors, Cameron House will keep you cosy during the cooler winter weather. Cameron House helps create an enchanting winter atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re living a fairytale.

a bride holding a bouquet of flowers while hugging her groom

Spring Weddings

Uncover timeless romance and blossoming beauty with a spring wedding. As the seasons change, the vibrant colours of spring spill across the landscapes of Loch Lomond. Spring brings the beauty of natural light, soft temperatures and blossoming flowers that diffuse sweet scents, adding an extra special touch to your wedding day.

Spring weddings offer several benefits that make it a popular season for celebrations. Natural beauty comes alive in spring, with the blossoming of flowers that burst with bright colours and sweet scents, offering the most wonderful, alluring backdrop. The rise in temperature from the winter months increases the ability of both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and provides more variety in dress options and styles. Additionally, increased natural daylight during the springtime extends the opportunity for photographs with the shores of Loch Lomond as your breathtaking background.

The beauty of Cameron House during the spring makes it the perfect wedding destination. The colourful blossoming of the flowers will flawlessly blend with the tartan of traditional Scottish kilts. Cameron House provides the most idyllic setting with the serene waters of the Loch, carefully cut gardens and the beauty of the sunset over the Scottish hills.

a bridge and groom making a heart with their hands

Summer Weddings

The most popular season for weddings is summer. As the sun stretches across the landscape, nature exhibits its most colourful self, drawing the attention of couples choosing their wedding date. In Loch Lomond, summer unfolds with clear blue skies, glowing sunshine, and vibrant nature, showcasing the perfect wedding backdrop.

Benefits are abundant to having a summer wedding, making it the preferred season for most couples. One of the biggest draws is the extended daylight time, providing couples more flexibility during the day to have their ceremony. This also increases the venue variety, from scenic outdoor settings to delightful garden weddings. The plethora of summer flowers provides a backdrop bursting with vibrant colours, elevating the visual allure of the special celebration.

Additionally, with the pleasantly warm weather and relaxed summertime atmosphere, incorporating outdoor activities into the wedding adds delight and a joyful ambience. Uncover the beauty of a summer wedding at Cameron House. With the vibrant spirit of summer sprawling across the Loch Lomond landscapes and waters as your backdrop, Cameron House is the ultimate summer wedding destination. The sun-kissed waters, vibrant gardens and historic charm create a magical and dream-like atmosphere.

rows of wooden chairs set up outside on the grass

Autumn Weddings

Autumn oozes enchantment and mystery. As the leaves turn golden and the air becomes crisp, the autumn season exudes romance, drawing in couples looking for an alluring ambience for their special day. Imagine walking down the aisle beneath a beautiful golden-leaved canopy as you exchange your vows to begin the new chapter of your love story.

The autumn season offers a plethora of benefits that will help you choose your seasonal wedding. If you enjoy the warm tones of nature’s palette, autumn will give you the perfect decor and backdrop. As the days gradually get cooler, you can expand your choice of outfit, bringing in tasteful and delicate layers. The temperature also provides a comfortable setting for both indoor and outdoor weddings, increasing your choice of venue. Additionally, the soft autumn light creates a warm, cosy atmosphere to make your celebration an intimate occasion.

The beauty of autumn at Cameron House is encapsulated by the majestic hills that surround it, the tranquil waters of the loch, and the captivating woodlands. Enjoy a cosy indoor reception where warm hearths await, away from the crisp autumn air. Cameron House will give you the autumn wedding dreams are made of filled with elegance, charm and magic that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

a bridge and groom walking through a pile of leaves on the grass

Weddings at Cameron House

Elevate your special day with Cameron House, your perfect luxury wedding venue in Scotland.

Our opulent interior and luxury bedroomssuites and lodges will help you continue the celebrations from an unforgettable day, offering 5-star accommodation for you and your guests.

You can extend the magic by enjoying our spa facilities, indulging in a delectable fine-dining meal, or if you fancy some adrenaline-fueled activity, we have land and loch activities available to satisfy your thrill.


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